What is PHITEN? The Body Care Company

“Phi-Ten” is derived from the Greek letter “Phi”, Φ which symbolizes a perfect balance in the natural world. The mission is “Everything we do, we do for your health” . To provide appropriate support to balance mind and body in order to help people live and enjoy a healthy and sporty life. The field covers a wide range including body care, skin care, and hair care. These are all “body care” to support a healthy body.

All our products reflect Phiten’s uncompromising search for health. Our aim is to is provide users with health-promoting technologies and products. We will never offer an item that might have an ill effect in your health, no matter how convenient and useful it may be. That’s our philosophy.

Through years of dedicated research, we have developed a number of unique wellness technologies and products. Accordingly, we’ve won the trust of many consumers. We are building on this trust to offer new products that cater to various fields, applying our highly adaptable technologies.

Phiten continues to take on now challenges in serving people around the world by creating more products that answer the desire to enhance and maintain health.